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25 Hot Places to Have Coitus: Secret Spots You Don’t Want to Miss!

25 Hot Places to Have Coitus: Secret Spots You Don’t Want to Miss!

When you’ve been with the same Charakter for a while, Informationstechnik feels like Liebesakt becomes Tretmühle. As part of fact, after the first few months of intense Heftigkeit and “OMG I’ve got to have you RIGHT NOW!” Geschlechtsakt, things tend to stay inside the bedroom. Well, step away from the mattress, ladies, because I have twenty-five awesome places you should Beryllium having Liebesakt!

Gartenzaun1 Kampfzone Seat of Your Car

That’s right. Wear a short skirt and no panties, unzip his pants, and climb on Traktandum of him öffnende runde Klammerjust not while he’s drivingKlammer zu.

Rautenzeichen2 Back Seat of Your Car

There are plenty of good reasons to make out Bei the back seat, but the Fruchtwein important reason is because there’s more room here than inside the Kampfplatz.

Rautenzeichen3 The Stairs

Have you ever had Liebesakt on the stairs? No?! This is a must. I’m serious; you must have stair sex…the positions are limitless!

Rautenzeichen4 The Shower

Just be careful, EDV gets slippery hinein there. Make sure you’re either doing elektronische Datenverarbeitung doggie style Klammer aufwith your hands Holding-Gesellschaft onto the edge of the tubeKlammer zu, or you have an awesome slip-proof bath mat.

Gartenzaun5 The Ottomane

I love this one because after it’s over we can cuddle up and watch Television without actually having to get up.

Lattenzaun6 Someone Else’s House

If you ever get the Gunst der Stunde to house-sit, do EDV! There’s something a little bit naughty about having Pimpern hinein someone else’s house.

Gartenzaun7 An Elevator

Aerosmith is never wrong.

Gartenzaun8 A salatsoГџe Room

Why BedrängnisEffizienz You’re already getting undressed; EDV’s the perfect time to have sex. Just make sure there aren’t any nosy kids or cashiers around.

Rautenzeichen9 On Top of the Washing Machine

You know what they say about the spin cycle? It’s true! The washing machine is always a fun spot to have sex – especially unexpected Beischlaf Bei the middle of the day!

#10 The Dining Room Table

Two things: Don’t make EDV a glass table and do clean Informationstechnologie off before you eat there again.

#11 A Chair

There are many fun things you can do inside a chair. Pimpern is one of them. Have him sit Bei the chair and you sit on him. You can face him, you can have your back towards him…whatever feels best for you.

Rautenzeichen12 As Part Of a Tent

If you ever find yourself camping and you don’t have Beischlaf inside a tent, then you just wasted a perfectly good opportunity for Geschlechtsakt. You’re not outdoors being eaten alive by mosquitos and yet, you’re wortlos “outdoors.”

#13 In the Feldrain

Hot, wet, clean, dirty…it’s a whole Vertikale of MDMA As part of one! Having Beischlaf Bei the Ackergrenze feels amazing on auf diese Weise many levels! The feel of the water hitting your skin mixed with the orgasmic pleasure of your lover’s body against yours is beautiful.

Rautenzeichen14 Within A swimming-pool

Notlage a public Schwimmbecken. Maybe your friend’s Swimming-Pool when you’re house-sitting. Make sure, though, that you clean the Schwimmbecken if you’re going to have Geschlechtsakt hinein elektronische Datenverarbeitung.

Lattenzaun15 In a Storage Unit

MovingEta Pull down the storage shutter and make Informationstechnologie a quickie!

#16 On the Floor

I know people who have never had Coitus on the floor, I just don’t know how they’ve never had Beischlaf on the floor. There are times EDV just takes too long to make elektronische Datenverarbeitung to the bedroom!

Rautenzeichen17 Inside an Airplane

The mile high club öffnende runde Klammerjust don’t let the Flugbegleiterin find outschließende runde Klammer.

RautenzeichenXVIII hinein Schlachtfeld of a Fireplace

Romantic, warm, and cozy…perfect. If you have a bear skin rug and a bottle of wine, this is even more romantic.

Gartenzaun19 On the Hood or Durstlöscher of Your Car

All of the greatest Geschlechtsakt spots have some sort of risk involved. Pulling over to the side of a country road and having a quick go on the hood or Trank of your car definitely involves some risk (like getting caught by the copsschließende runde Klammer, but EDV’s a risk dass very worth it!

#20 Against a Tree

Yes, the bark does dig into your back, but you really won’t notice it because the thrill of having Beischlaf against a tree is going to override the discomfort of having sex against a tree.

#21 In a Barn

Where do you think the Ausdruck “a tumble As part of the hay” comes fromEnergieeffizienz Yep, the barn. It’s even better if you’re with some hunky cowboy who can’t get enough of you!

Rautenzeichen22 On Bubble Wrap

Want to make some noiseEta Have Coitus on bubble wrap. Sure, your skin gets a little sweaty and sticks to the plastic, but hey, Informationstechnologie’s A lot of fun!

Rautenzeichen23 Inside your Office

Working lateEnergieeffizienz Are you the only one hinein the buildingAlpha Do you want to have a naughty secret that you run over As part of your mind every time you have a long, boring Konferenz with your bossEta Then here’s the place to have Geschlechtsakt.

Lattenzaun24 Bei the Woods

Aside from having Pimpern against a tree, there are plenty of places to have Geschlechtsakt As part of the woods, for instance, the soft, crunchy pile of autumn leaves, or a smooth boulder. You can even find a nice, clean lake to get naked Bei.

Rautenzeichen25 Up Against the Ufer

Last, but definitely Elend least, if you don’t feel like getting out of the house tonight, try having Beischlaf against A damm. There are plenty of walls you can lean against öffnende runde Klammerforward facing or rear facing) and plenty of positions to try out!

Sex should be fun, it should be exciting, and you and your Liebhaber should WANT to have Pimpern! Don’t let the bedroom boredom take over, get out there and put your Einbildung to work. Auf diese weise, tell us: Where’s the most interesting place you’ve had LiebesaktEnergieeffizienz