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7 best media players 2020-2021 – Editor’s Choice

7 Best Media Players 2020-2021 – Editor’s Choice.

Although the ability of modern smart TV seems very broad, every videophile knows that the highest quality video playback provides only a single media player. Specifically, these “boxes” will manage over the network with stagigabytnymi files, and provide excellent quality with 4K-signals, and will cheer up users of services streaming video broadcasts. Our new article is a review of seven best media players of 2020-2021 season.

Dune SmartBox 4K.

Price – four four hundred ninety rubles.

This baby works on the modern Amlogic S905L chip. Combination of advanced internals with Android six OS.0.1, which “pulled” the iconic Dune user interface, provides a lot of capabilities (Ultra HD 4K video output up to sixty frames per second, HDR support, 10-bit color BT.2020) and luxurious ergonomics. Indicates the model cool, showing rich halftones and better detailing.

Xiaomi Mi Box S.

Cost – five five hundred fifty nine rubles.

Xiaomi continues to conquer the market – its media player Mi Box S looks like an attraction of unheard-of generosity. The device can play 4K video, uses Amlogic S905X and Mali-450 chips and runs on Android 8.1. Xiaomi Mi Box S is very easy to operate, the video in his performance looks great and accurate, and in terms of contrast device clearly looks into the next price category. Remote control with integrated microphone and voice control – a separate reason to rejoice.

QSmarter Galaxy 8K.

Price one hundred nine euros.

QSmarter Galaxy 8K can output 8K video at thirty frames per second and is powered by the S905X3 microprocessor. Android 9.0 with QSmarter Galaxy proprietary interface looks very flexible and ergonomic, and the image from the device seems very nice, sharp and contrast. Small software deficiencies can be forgotten if we фокус on the cost of the device and its capabilities.

Apple TV 4K.

Price – sixteen nine hundred ninety rubles. For the version with thirty two GB of memory.

No modern video player rating is without the new Apple TV 4K. The model learned to work with files via UPnP home network (up to 40-50 GB without any problems, lags are possible further on). It supports Dolby Atmos, has Amediateka, ivi, Netflix and Apple TV+ clients built in – and, of course, flaunts the ergonomic mystique of the “Apple company”. The unit shows very well, and its integrated conversion of all signals into HDR, and it looks flawless at all.


Priced at $200 in the US.

NVIDIA SHIELD LLEVANTARSE from Spanish to English TV Pro with a new software update has received the ability to work as a Plex server. Otherwise, the device capabilities have not changed – a powerful Nvidia Tegra X1+ microprocessor, unique upscaling of all signals to 4K resolution with the use of artificial intelligence, HDR, HDR10 and even Dolby Vision – “all the pies” in front of you. Tomny (100 Gb) files over the network are opened instantly, rewind works without a hitch, and in terms of picture quality before us a real reference in its own price group. The new price for the unit is $200 in the U.S., in the Russian Federation at the moment it is difficult to find a model, but, believe me, NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro is worth the hunt.

Dune Pro 4K II.

Priced at RUB 20,990.

An advanced device, Dune Pro 4K II boasts a powerful Realtek RTD1619 microprocessor boosted with Mali-G51 graphics and runs on the cutting-edge Android 9.0 with Dune UI and is equipped with HDMI 2.0b. The one-left player manages volume 4K files over the network, delivers Ultra HD 4K video output sixty frames per second, supports HDR, BT 10-bit color.2020 and points out the staggering awesomeness. Deepest darkest color, minimal noise, stunning sharpness – a real future day. The cherry on the cake – Блютуз module 4.2.

Zappiti Pro 4K HDR.

Price – seventy two thousand rubles.

Our favorite reference network media player – of course, Zappiti Pro 4K HDR . To supply both digital and analog circuits, the developers have chosen a transformer wound on an R-Core. This type of transformers is used in power supplies of severe audio sources, but here all this beauty is created in order to achieve the maximum from the video chip Realtek RTD1295. The device can output the “raw” video signal without any interference to the stream, or use the capabilities of its own processing. Zappiti Pro 4K HDR is amazing – the picture in his performance seems really big and tangible.